Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Tech Pack Template Customization

When to Go for Tech Pack Template Customization

Tech Pack Template is suitable when you are going ahead with clothing manufacturing of simple items like t-shirts and hoodies etc. However, You must know when you should go ahead with this and when you should hire a technical clothing designer to give you custom tech packs. When you think you've come across a great bargain or amazing, no-fail investment opportunity today, you had better stop and look more closely. Things are not what they seem, and it would be in your best interest to ask a lot of questions about what you are considering getting yourself into. Soon enough you'll get the sneaking suspicion that there are facts or imperfections that are being hidden from you. And when you get that feeling, you had better run for the hills!

You need to be honest and understand what your true limitations are especially in terms of your business needs. If you aren't confident about your abilities in a certain area, then the worst possible thing you can do is to say that you are a master of it. That kind of bluster and bravado might seem impressive, but it will only get you into some deep and very hot water. Be honest and be humble -- the people who have authority over you will appreciate and respect it.

An interesting discussion early in the day will inspire you to get moving on an exciting new project -- try to make some time to give it all the dedication that it requires. A quick internet search will help you find the answers you need and get you going down the right path. And while you probably won't be able to make as much headway as you would like to, you can at least make enough progress to give yourself a strong sense of satisfaction and an excuse to pat yourself on the back.

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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Creating Apparel Tech Pack from Scratch

How to Create a Tech Pack from Scratch

Making a tech pack needs a little knowledge on garment construction and little bit of sketching and digital graphic design knowledge like coral draw. I would expect the readers of this blog have the basic knowledge of coral draw, and should be sketching. So let’s get going.

To Prepare the tech pack we must know what our style is and for that we first need to prepare the sketch of our style. So select a style that you want to prepare the tech pack and collect the similar images from Google. If you want something extra or something different then just take the base of the garment and then add your embellishment once the base is ready.

Drep the sketch from the image if you are not a good sketcher on a transparent sheet and take a snap and put this on the computer. If you can sketch it well then sketch it on normal paper and take a snap and put the snap on computer.

Now we can sketch the style using Coral Draw. One important point here to remember that every small part of the style should be sketched differently for example sleeves, collar and body cuffs. This is because if you want to have different color or if you want to render a different fabric on sleeves than the body you can do that easily.

Once the Flat Sketch is created its time to give technical detailing to the style. Tech Packs usually have the following details. You must have some knowledge of detailing that goes in a garment.

Components of Apparel Tech Pack
  • Flat Sketch - Basic Front and Back Representation of the style designed.
  • Color Ways - Different possible color ways that can go with style.
  • Fabric Details : Fabrics that needs to be used for making this style.
  • Stitching and Construction Details 
  • Printing Details : Printing Techniques 
  • Embroidery Details : Embroidery Techniques 
  • Washing Details and Wash Care : 
  • Measurement Guide Line Graphical
  • Measurement Spec Sheet
If you are not aware of the details given above it would be advisable to take the help of a Tech Pack Designer. It is also advised to find out a Tech Pack Template if you can find for your style and customize it as per your requirement.